Founded by Brennon and two friends, Riding with a Reason was created to provide awareness and support for the 147 Million Orphans Foundation, an organization focused on meeting basic needs of food, water, education, and medicine for orphans. Specifically Riding with a Reason set out with a goal to raise $50,000 to build a school in the village of Mt. Olivos, Honduras. 

After completing the the 3,400 mile ride from Seaside, Oregon to Washington, D.C., Riding With a Reason exceeded its goal by raising over $60,000 for the 147 Million Orphans Foundation. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this cause, there is now a 3 room school house in Mt. Olivos, Honduras. Additionally, Riding With a Reason has been able to provide uniforms, desks and blackboards, teacher salaries for 3 years, and even a playground for the school.

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