Spring Back Recycling exists to create employment opportunities for disenfranchised men through mattress recycling. With the success of the Nashville location, Spring Back Recycling has created a licensable model for mattress recycling. Growing the mission of Spring Back, the model has been successfully implemented in Denver Colorado, Tacoma Washington, Charlotte North Carolina, and more cities soon to come.

Spring Back is a product of Belmont University’s Enactus team. Brennon served as Spring Back’s project manager and as a member of the board. While working with Spring Back Recycling, Brennon has played a key-contributing role in the development and growth of the business. His responsibilities have included the creation of a licensable business model and operations manual. Other roles include acting as a community liaison, and the evaluation of potential licensees. Some of his greatest accomplishments include negotiating and solidifying contracts with the US Navy, Hospitality and Academic Institutions, as well as Waste Management.

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